Welcome to the website of the UK based charity Education 4 Everyone (registered with the Charities Commission of England and Wales under registration n umber 1172424). The Charity works to break down the barriers preventing millions of children from accessing education both in the UK and overseas.  We currently run three programmes to work towards this goal:

(i) Teach the World – raising awareness among children (both in the UK and overseas) of the barriers to education as they will have an influence over preventing them in the future.  We also provide grants to organisations running grass-roots projects breaking down barriers to education both in the UK and overseas.
(ii) Anti-Bullying Programme – raising awareness of the different types of bullying and the consequences of bullying.
(iii) Riding Stars (Educational Equestrian Centre) – to teach children with special educational needs and disabilities transferable skills through contact with horses.

Our website provides background information on the charity; details of the projects we are currently supporting and ways you can support our work ranging from making a donation, organising a fund-raising event or volunteering to work with us. These sections may be found using the menu at the top of every page.

Education 4 everyone is a dynamic, fast growing charity and we will keep our website updated with the latest developments.  Other ways of keeping informed with the latest news is through our social media channels [using the links at the bottom of every page] and by signing up for our newsletter.