Our Anti Bullying Project.


bULLYING IS DEFINEd AS “The repetitive, intentional hurting of one person or group by another person or group, where the relationship involves an imbalance of power.” it’s our job to stop it.

Every 7 minutes a child is bullied. 1 out of every 4 teenagers is bullied at some point during their teenage years. Bullying is detrimental to the development of people.

There are different types of bullying. These include:

·       Verbal - Verbal bullying is when someone is called names, threatened and made to feel bad;

·       Physical – Physical bullying is when someone is hit, punched, pushed or have their personal items stolen and any other kind of physical, aggressive contact. When someone has some physical signs of bullying like cuts, bruises, torn clothes or personal belongings missing they just put it down to over active play or childish games. Many times this isn’t the cause and people who are bullied will not tell an adult or someone they trust as they believe it will make the bullies mad and make the bullying a lot worse.

·       Social – Social bullying is when someone is left out of games, deliberately ignored and has bad things spread about them and made to feel like an outsider;

·       Cyber – With the technology age a new type of bullying was born; Cyber Bullying. This type of bullying can be chat rooms, online, instant messaging, on a mobile phone or even e-mails.

Whenever people think about bullying the most common perception is that it is something which takes place in schools. Bullying is an issue in many schools and in some cases can be a barrier to children receiving and education. However, bullying is not just confined to schools. It takes place in the wider community; over the internet and in the workplace.  Education 4 Everyone, working with other organisations worldwide, raises awareness not only of the different types of bullying but the wide range of situations in which bullying can occur and the consequences it can have. We highlight how to try and prevent bullying and what you can do if you are subjected to bullying. 

Here you can download some information and facts about different types of bullying:

Disablist Bullying

Homophobic Bullying

Race And Faith Bullying


Appearance Related Bullying

Bullying doesn’t just happen in schools. It can also apply to the workplace.