Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world
— Nelson Mandela


Education 4 Everyone was founded in March 2017. We were officially recognised by the UK government as a registered charity (number  1172424) shortly after in April 2017.

Getting to where we are now has not been easy. The roots of this charity were planted in 2008 when the founders, Dean Brockway, Christine Brockway and a close friend started ‘Primary Education For All’ (soon after to be renamed Educate the World UK).

In 2013 Christine was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The progress of the charity ground to a halt as Dean took care of his wife as her full time carer. Christine passed away in 2014, and shortly after the charity was closed.

Following this awful event, Dean spent years in reflection. In Christine’s memory, Dean decided to relaunch and set up this new charity, Education 4 Everyone. Ever since, he’s worked tirelessly to continue the meaningful work carried out by the charity.


Education 4 Everyone is run by a board of trustees with backgrounds in education, military and business. We’re generously supported by a great team of patrons, ambassadors and advisors. We believe in universal education and works towards removing the barriers which are currently preventing this from being achieved causing around 59 million children every year to miss out on learning basic skills including reading and writing.

The children of today will be business and political leaders of tomorrow, therefore educating them on the barriers which prevent universal education is a major step in helping to achieve this goal in the future.

In essence, it’s our job to educate people on education.

Our overheads are covered by a separate trading company. This means 100% of our donations go straight to those who need it the most - directly to projects we fund or support.

.  Our work is divided into three areas:

-        Anti-bullying – to raise awareness of the effects of bullying; the different types of bullying and what to do if someone is be being bullied.

-        Barriers to Education – to raise awareness of the issues which result in children not accessing the education they are entitled to and supporting small-scale, local projects working to address these issues.

-        Riding Stars – to teach lifelong transferable skills to children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities through contact with horses.

By educating today’s children, who will be tomorrows educators, political and business leaders, we have the opportunity to ensure that future generations of children are able to access the education to which they are entitled.